Our mission for AMTD Digital is to partner with ASEAN communities to deliver ecosystem solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow and succeed in this region.

Digital Financial Services

The market landscape in Southeast Asia presents to us a huge untapped opportunity. Over 70% of adults living in this region lack sufficient access to basic financial services, while millions of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) here face large funding gaps. 

These factors present huge opportunities for AMTD Digital, which we are addressing through the deployment of efficient state of the art scalable technology solutions, harnessing big data intelligence using AI and machine learning. 

Digital media marketing and data intelligence

In the ever expanding digital world, having a digital presence and smart marketing is a critical factor in winning in these markets. 

Our bespoke solutions encompass your digital marketing journey from web design and development to online advertising, creative production, social media marketing as well as web analytics. 

SpiderNet, a digital connector and ecosystem

SpiderNet Ecosystem Is The Bedrock Of Our Success 

Our solution enables your organisation to participate in our SpiderNet ecosystem where clients, shareholders, business partners, and investee companies build an ever-extending, inter-connected network that creates value for all. 

Digital investments

Our Digital Investment Business Focuses on long term equity investments, allowing us to deepen our relationship with clients by participating in their value creation and engaging them into the SpiderNet. 

We typically source investment opportunities identified through SpiderNet, and focus on investing in innovative internet platforms, financial technology companies, new economy companies, and other financial institutions. Our buy-side resources allow us to stay close to the market and provide early access to leading players in key industries that benefit from China’s globalization developments and rapid growth in innovation industry.